Stay Warm at home, without cranking the thermostat

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8 ideas to cut down on your heating bill and stay cozy this year & for years to come. 

Check out this brief list to save some dough when weather calls for snow. 
Bonus:  No expensive upgrades required...

1. Check insulation in attics/crawl spaces to ensure your home is sealed tight and not letting hot or cold air in/out.
2.  Keep blinds & curtains open during the day to let sun naturally heat your home & keep them closed at night to trap heat inside. 
3.  Adjust your water heater temperature to 120 degrees F rather than the standard 140 degrees. (Side Note:  Readjust back to 140 if you're having guests stay overnight).
4. Close vents in unused rooms so you aren't wasting energy on empty spaces.
5. Seal off exterior windows and doors with weather stripping.
6. Reduce wasted electricity by installing a programmable thermostat to control when the heat is turned up/down in your home. (Available for approximately $80 on Amazon or at your local Lowe's/Home Depot).
7. Put on sweatshirts and socks when you're cold, rather than turning up the heat.  (This sounds borderline crazy to me, but Brian approves wholly of the idea!)
8. Cozy up with a blankie or 2 and a family member or 3!  All you need is a couch, your fave blanket & a compliant loved one or pet!  ; )